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How to identify a Fake Tationil or Reproduced Teofarma Tationil from an Authentic Tationil

With the boost in interest in lightening ones complexion and the increase in preference in Tationil Teofarma, counterfeiters watermarked-fake tationilhave become very creative in reproducing this popular glutathione brand.  So how can we tell an original product from a reproduction?

The following are some of the differences that we need to closely consider.  Please note these are only applicable to the
Teofarma Tationil 600mg from Italy and does not apply to other Tationil dosages by other companies. All other Tationils that do not conform to these standards may be of  the same content but they did not come from Teofarma Italy.  They are actually generic glutathione packaged to look like the branded Tationil.  Please verify with your supplier for details of actual content. watermarked-fake tationil reproduction

The lypholized powder of Tationil Teofarma appears like a tablet and does not stick to the bottom of the vial or has minimal
breakage and should still appear intact.  Reproduced Tationil appears either powdery or sticks to the vials.

When you take it out of the box, the lypholized powder should look like tablets inside a vial.  The ampoules should also have the labels printed directly onto the glass and should not be on a transparent sticker label.

Notice that the box of authentic Tationil is sturdy and does not easily get damaged.  Reproduced Tationil box easily disintegrates on the side due to the poor quality of adhesive used to hold the box side together.  The thickness of the box used also appears inferior.

Lastly, the information sheet that comes with Authentic Teofarma should be folded as in the picture.  This is usually found on the edge of the plastic molding of each tationil pack.

These details are being posted to help everyone be aware.  We were personally victimized by someone selling cheaper Tationil and so we are sharing these information with you.

To buy authentic Tationil by Teofarma Italy, please visit or   You may also directly contact WellnessDepotph at 09175724244 or 09175026807 or 09999979047.

watermarked-authentic tationil box